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Online Supermarket in Abuja, Nigeria | Buy Groceries, Foods and Drinks | 59 Minutes Delivery, operated by Mart Technologies Limited (RC: 1474753) is an online supermarket that offers you personal and convenient online groceries, foods and drinks shopping experience in Abuja, Nigeria. We deliver in 59 minutes, your fresh fruits, vegetables, household items, toiletries, drinks, beverages, health & beauty products, food cupboard, hot food, babies & child care productsdrugs & pharmaceutical products, office supplies, project topics and materials, gift hampers and lots more. Try us today!

Online Grocery Store in Abuja, Nigeria | Grocery Delivery Service in Abuja, Nigeria | Buy Groceries Online in Abuja, Nigeria is an online grocery store that delivers your groceries, fresh in 59 minutes. Here is a roundup of how we do it. Let’s say you need to make that delicious meal but you don’t have the necessary ingredients/foodstuffs available. You need to stock up your kitchen, dining table and refrigerators in a short time at your convenience, but you can’t or don’t have the time because you are always busy at work (office) or home. Maybe, you just can’t take the stress of the market and traffic jams. I also think that you want fair prices for your groceries.

This is what we do. We collaborate with most of the top supermarkets (Sahad Stores, ShopRite, Next Cash and Carry, H-Medix, EvePhil, SPAR Nigeria etc.) and local markets (for farm-fresh produce) in Abuja. We list their products on our website, Now, when you place your order online with us for groceries, we visit the various supermarkets and local markets to shop for your items and deliver them to you in as little as 59 minutes. Wow! Jaw-dropping, isn’t it? Wait, it doesn’t end here, there is more.

Online Food Store in Abuja, Nigeria | Food Delivery Service in Abuja, Nigeria | Buy Food Online in Abuja, Nigeria

FOOD? It’s a necessity, really, and sometimes we need them in a matter of minutes. Welcome to this world, the world of 59 minutes food delivery service in Abuja. Let me tell you a story. In early 2018 when we were serving customers offline, a customer placed a call to us as early as 8:00 am, requesting 4 litres of an already made hot Egusi soup to be delivered in the next 1 hour. How did we do this? Of course, the customer paid ahead including the cost of the soup and our service/delivery charge. We contacted two of our partnered chefs to confirm the availability, and yes, it was available. What next? We gladly went ahead to deliver the soup and we did it in less than an hour, really.

Online Drinks Store in Abuja, Nigeria | Drinks Delivery Service in Abuja, Nigeria | Buy Drinks Online in Abuja, Nigeria

We deliver the best quality and authentic alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to you in minutes. Our drinks categories include Beer, Wine, Spirits, Creamy, Juice, Energy Drinks, Soft Drinks, Food DrinksYoghurt etc. On, you will find top quality answers to questions like the price of drinks in Nigeria; the list of drinks in Nigeria; the list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria; the price of a carton of beer in Nigeria; and the best places to buy wine in Lagos and Abuja. Go to drinks and beverages to get started.

Online Academic Library in Nigeria | Buy eBooks, Texts, Project Materials

We have in our archives, ready for instant downloads, thousands of eBooks for students in Nigerian and beyond. On, you will find top quality eBooks, Texts, and final year research project materials (Computer Science etc.). Go to your preferred section to get started.

Online Supermarket in Lagos, Nigeria | Grocery Delivery Service in Lagos, Nigeria | Buy Groceries Online in Lagos, Nigeria

Awwn! So you want, your dream and preferred online supermarket in Lagos, Nigeria? Really, you also want to enjoy our 59 minutes grocery delivery service in Lagos? You definitely don’t have to wait for so long. We will be in Lagos soon. When we arrive, you will be able to shop for groceries, food, drinks, drugs, cosmetics and many more. For now, keep spreading the word to all inhabitants of Lagos that we are coming to bring them happiness. You may want to check out our blog for regular updates. We love you!