The Best Food and Grocery Delivery in Abuja Yet - This is How we Deliver Happiness to Homes.

Food and Grocery Delivery in Abuja

- Frank Umeadi

Today, I decided to process this order myself from beginning to the end because I wanted to do one funny thing and I also didn’t want the processing time to exceed our precious 59 minutes delivery time which the customer paid for (forgive me, we once failed to deliver in 59 minutes some time ago). Our second delivery method is called the standard same-day/next-day delivery.

Immediately the customer placed the order on with the 59 minutes delivery method, I dropped my plate of Egusi soup (you know my love with Egusi soup nah) and flew into the street. First, I went to one of our closest partnered supermarkets, EvePhill to pick some of the items and then I entered the nearest local market to pick others. I was clinically calculating my time left. In my heart, I must beat this time, it can never exceed not even with 1 minute. Come and see sweat. This street is not easy. Respect to all street guys out there.

As soon as I arrived at the customer’s doorstep at Katampe Estate, I checked my time, yeah, I beat it for real. I was there just 8 minutes earlier. Well, there is a need for improvement, but I tried jaree.

When the customer, Yasmeen unveiled her package, she saw an extra Malt Milk biscuits with a thank you note. Now come and see drama, she was super excited that she screamed “Wow, you are the best. I will shop with you forever.” Awwwn, see the smiles and joy in my heart. She was happy about the extra gift, while me, I was happy that I beat the 59 minutes delivery time.

The funniest and most joyful part of the whole drama was that her little kid immediately took the biscuits, dismantled it in my front and downloaded it with one fresh yo which came with the order.

I really felt like a homemaker. More like I brought happiness to their home today. I don’t just understand, really. Later now someone will come and say that I’m not a husband material, 100yards.

I know there are lots of you my good friends who live in Abuja or have relatives, friends, madams and aunties in Abuja but you have never shopped with us. Just judge this case yourself now, is it good? Why have you not shopped with us?

Please, be like Yasmeen, shop with us forever, and we will bring you happiness forever.

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